Product : ZocuWipe (20CT) - Doctor Recommended for Burning, Red, Gritty Dry Eye Symptoms.

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Have you already tried multiple eye drops without relief? Its time for ZocuWipe, all-day comfort with just one wipe a day. In over 85% of cases, the root cause for dry eye symptoms is not the lack of tears. Its the oil, dirt, bacteria, and debris along the edge of your eyelids that can cause your eyes to redden, burn, and tear. Our innovative ZocuWipe pads deliver okra-infused Zocusomes to provide your eyes with immediate and lasting comfort without the use of any tea tree oil that can sting and irritate your eyes. Dont settle for artificial solutions when it comes to your eyes. Get Zocular ZocuWipe and get to the source of the problem. One ZocuWipe once a day - simple and effective. This is why Zocular is fast becoming the brand recommended and preferred by doctors and patients. We stand behind every Zocular product. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your Zocular purchase, we will issue a full refund within 1 year of purchase, no questions asked. If you have dry eye symptoms, theres no reason not to try ZocuWipe!
Developed by an Eye Surgeon & Dermatologist Tested
- Preferred by Eye Care Professionals
- Hypoallergenic, Natural Botanical Lid Scrub Towelette Wipe
- No Rinsing Needed. Once Daily Formulation
- Patent-pending natural okra-based platform to Soothe, Moisturize, and Cleanse

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