Product : YOGAYET Portable Fish Lip Gripper Grabber Fishing Grip Tackle Pliers Stainless Steel Clip Fish Holder Knife with Scale Ruler with Digital Scale E10047 Series

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Basic information:

E10047 Series (with Digital Scale & Measure):Max. Drag: 55lb Length(approx): 12.5" Weight(approx):13.3 Oz

E10128 Series(with Scale):Max. Drag: 26.5lb Length(approx): 11.5" Weight(approx):10 Oz

E10099 Series(with Scale & Measure):Max. Drag: 33lb Length(approx): 9.65" Weight(approx):8.3Oz

E10098 Series (with Scale):Max. Drag: 33lb Length(approx): 9.65" Weight(approx):8.3Oz

E10097 Series(General Gripper):Max. Drag: 44lb Length(approx): 8.5" Weight(approx):5.1Oz

E10149 Series(General Gripper):Max. Drag: 34lb Length(approx): 8.5" Weight(approx):5Oz

Designs and Functions:

●Corrosion-resistant stainless steel body

●Safe and easy way to land, handle and weigh fish

●Designed for one-handed operation

●Heavy duty spring action ensures firm grip

●Protect fish and your hands from hurts

●Survive years of hard use in both freshwater and saltwater fishing


●Rinse it with refresh water after using to extend service life.

●There is a piece of plastic that blocks the battery contacts for when its shipped,so need to remove it.

●When taking the battery box for it is connecting with wire,please note take it gently, not too hard.

●The handle knob can turn around, please note if vigorously rotation frequently may lead to the connect line broken, so rotation, try to turn back, or to reduce the number of rotations.

YOGAYET digital grip scale is the safe and easy way to land, handle and weigh fish up to 25KG/55lb.KINDLY NOTE: to make sure the weighing accuracy, please hold the gripper vertically when starting up, and reset before weighing.
- The fish gripper with digital scale with blue backlight window display, measuring tape ruler (approx 1m/39in),comfortable durable ABS handle.
- Integrated digital scale weighs in pounds and ounces or in kilograms, water resistant and shuts-off automatically design.
- Stainless steel gear tube and components, rust free use,fit for both fresh and salt water.
- Come with Adjustable nylon wrist strap,easy to carry. Powered by 2 AAA battery (battery included),

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