Product : Yangbaga Dog Shock Absorber Extension Leash Bungee Attachment, Prevent Injury on Arm and Shoulder & Save Dogs from Getting Hurt, Great for Bicycle, Running, Walking etc. ( Upgrade Version )

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Yangbaga Dog Shock Absorber Extension Leash

As we know, the effect of force is mutual. When human are suffering from shoulder pain caused by their
lively dog who like to run in unexpected directions at unexpected times, their dogs are suffering the same
pain. To solve the problem, we create this extension leash which can absorb the pull between human and
dog and makes the sudden force become smoothly. If you and your furry friend are suffering the same
problem, try this leash. Add it between the original leash and the fixed connection then you and your
dog will feel the differences.

1.To lengthen the original leash
2.To save dog from getting hurt while pulling
3.To reduce muscle soreness on arms and make walking more comfortable
4.To seperate different dogs when you are walking with more than one dog
5.To fix your dog safely in your car and prevent them from jumping out of the window
6.To do sport with your puppy and offer more room to them like running, riding bike etc.

Brand name: Yangbaga
Colors: Black, Green, Grey
Length: Extendable from 17" to 23"
Wide: 1"
Weight: 2.75oz
Material: Nylon, latex, stainless steel

Package contains:
1× Extension Leash
Extend and have stretch, give your dog a little more leash but still keep them under control. Work well with any leash, leads, collar, and harness. Can be a great addition for running, riding, training, double dogs walking, safety leash in car etc.
- Absorb tension between you and your dog, help to reduce the strain and shock to pet, offer more freedom and take the pain out of his/ her neck and back
- Stops the painful jerk you get in your shoulder and arm when your dog pulls unexpectedly, prevent chronic pain caused by repetitive stress injuries, being better both for the control of the dog and yourself
- Built-in high elasticity imported latex, good in extension and shrinkage, less tendency of material deformatio. The outside is covered by nylon material, sturdy enough to prevent bitting. Luminous lines can increase your safety at night
- Suitable for dogs from small to large size, extendable length range from 17" to 23", wide: 1"

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