Product : WHICH FISH TANK: The Big Fish Tank Book And Tutorial

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Create a beautiful aqua eco environment in your home or office.
Inside Which Fish Tank? - George P. Butler explains a vast array of beginner to advanced concepts and skills.

You can learn:

The Benefits of Having an Aquarium
Getting Started: The Essentials
The Best Aquarium Fish to Raise
Saltwater or Freshwater Fish?
Choosing The Right Aquarium
What Size And Shape Tank Should You Get?
Fish Tank Set-up
How to Set Up A Freshwater Aquarium
Marine Aquarium Set Up
Maintaining your marine aquarium
Different Types of Marine Aquarium Lighting
Substrate and Sand
Different Types of Substrate and Sand
Lighting And Heating Systems
How Much Light for Your Tank?
What Kind of Heating Should Your Tank Have?
Filtering The Water For Freshness
Diagram of a typical aquarium and its filtering process.
Fish Aquarium Stands
A Suitable Fish Aquarium Stand
Preparing the Water For Your Fish
Freshwater or Saltwater Preparation
The Most Viable Candidates For Your Tank
Learn The Specifics
How To Introduce Fish To A New Tank
The Three Important Steps
Feeding And Caring For Your Fish
Feeding Pros And Cons
Fish Aquarium Cycle
Water Conditions
Beginner Fresh Water Tanks
The Educational Benefits Of Having A Fish Tank
Tetra Aquariums
Tropical Fish Tanks
Don’t Assume
Things To Consider Before Buying A Fish Tank
Plants For Tropical Fish
Signs Of Distress
Distress Behaviours
Aquarium Algae
Different Types of Aquarium Algae
Most Common Diseases
Hundreds of Related Resources for you to learn from.

Youll know how to start off with a freshwater aquarium, and when to upgrade to a salt-water tank for marine fish.
Use this extensive fish aquarium book throughout your entire hobby - from simply enjoying your beautiful fish, to managing complicated salt-water ecosystems.

When you look inside your copy of this book, youll discover a complete tutorial for choosing a home aquarium and maintaining this precious environment. This book includes pages for taking notes, pasting in pictures of your aquarium, and tracking your achievements. You can even access special online activities and links to extra resources!

Dont miss out on this fun and fascinating hobby. Get your copy of Which Fish Tank? today!

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