Product : Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Mack, Jack & Sam with Mackerel, Skipjack & Salmon in Gravy Cat Food, 3oz Pouch (Pack of 8)

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Weruva, makers of Cats in the Kitchen, was founded over ten year’s ago and is still wholly owned and operated by pet parents David & Stacie Forman. We only produce our products in BRC/USDA Approved Facilities and source responsible and sustainable raw materials. You will be happy to know Weruva uses Cage-Free Chickens, Grass-Fed Beef & Lamb, and Wild-Caught Fish. Why did we make Cats in the Kitchen? - The kitchen is so often the heart of the home. It is where our family gathers for meals, where we have our game night, where family bonds grow. We eat there, we laugh there—we feed our pets there. The inspiration for these delectable selections come from feeding our own precious Cats in the Kitchen. Bring your cats to the heart of your home and share with us these savory cuts of white breast meat chicken and duck breast… delicate gravies, some with pumpkin for healthy digestion… loins from tuna, salmon and mackerel… and lean cuts of beef — all fit for our kitchen carnivores. These recipes are among our most delicious offerings. How is Cats in the Kitchen Different? - This line is a cross between Weruva and BFF. Pouches contain boneless, skinless white breast meat chicken, fish loins and a few formulas in pumpkin soup. The cans contain similar ingredients, but we’ve added in novel proteins like lamb and turkey, and included some dark meat chicken. The cans feature fish oil. Unlike Weruva, some formulas combine land and sea.
Featuring Wild-Caught Mackerel, Skipjack Tuna & Salmon
- Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, Carrageenan-Free, MSG-Free
- All-Natural Complete & Balanced Diet Rich in High-Quality Protein & Low in Carbs
- Our Pouched Foods are Great for Super Fussy Cats & Include Delicious Sheds of Bone-Free Meats in Luscious Gravy
- Family Owned for Over 10 Years & Made in a Human-Food Facility with Superior Safety Standards & Quality Control

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