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figure: Radiated Tortoise, Aldabra giant tortoise, tuatara, marine iguanas
Veiled Chameleon, Komodo dragon, saltwater crocodile, Boa Constrictor each one
original box, manual

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of quality of [Karorata 8 typical types of turtles, tuatara lizard Louis Louis Louis crocodile snakes that are broadly classified among the reptiles of about 8000 species
]] I am particular about the texture and coloring with power in the [feelings]
Real Figure

full-fledged reproduced to convey properly as much as possible the nature and features with the reptiles
individual, the appearance of an organism originally , and was reproduced in the image, such as being in the habitat of some really powerful was added to the feeling of weight. that you are alive in such small islands region and a limited impact of environmental change due to human life is less can be seen many species of reptiles in

and [that want to tell]. I think that if you can hear their voices such
, the balance of the global environment and human beings will be better more. (eye, family, genus, species) Figure distribution
feature Iki Iki habitat distribution, size-sheet manual [Notices]
English name, Japanese name, scientific name and classification

Category degree of (biological list Endangered) (shown)
IUCN Red List

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