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If youre involved in dog rescue at a shelter or private rescue organization as a volunteer or in a paid position this book is for you. Too many dedicated people give so much of their time and energy to helping dogs in need, however dont have enough information to truly maximize their efforts. It is critical to get educated on the best way to help the dogs in your care so that you can ensure they find their forever homes and stay there. Things you do or fail to do can have life or death implication on the dogs you work with. In fact the lives of many dogs are compromised by well meaning but unknowing volunteers. This book will help you better understand the dogs you work with and learn how to get the best out them, as well as give you the tools to find them that perfect home as quickly as possible. Youll learn how to read dogs and understand dog communication so that you know what dogs are feeling and can better predict behavior. Youll see exactly how you can treat some of the more common (and serious) problem behaviors shelter dogs have such as anxiety and aggression. The book also covers how to best use your limited time with the dogs, so that youre moving them toward the ultimate goal of adoption with everything you do. Youll also learn some ways to get your rescue organization or shelter running better and how you can utilize modern tools to get dogs more exposure, in the public eye more often and shown in the best light possible. This book is your complete guide to supercharging your rescue efforts.

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