Product : The Cat in the Box: A History of Science in 100 Experiments

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In The Cat in the Box, prolific science writers John and Mary Gribbin distill the fascinating and oddball history of scientific innovation into a hundred world-changing experiments.

All science is based on curiosity, hypothesis, experimentation, and analysis. This basic formula has been in place for thousands of years, and has led to some of humankinds greatest achievements. From modern feats like cracking the human genome and using gravitational waves to detect a new kind of nova, to harnessing the power of rivers to power mills, it leads back to initial kernels of curiosity and testing.

Renowned science writing duo, John and Mary Gribbin, retell the enlightening, fascinating, and often oddball stories of scientific innovation through the ages in their new book, The Cat in the Box. The tradition of curiosity, experimentation, analysis is rarely a straight road, and you will not believe some of the incredible stories the Gribbins pull from labs and workshops from around the world.

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