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Have you ever been walking in the woods, or looking out your window, when you suddenly spotted a beautiful bird? Whether youre an artist, scientist, bird enthusiast, or student, youll love learning how to portray all kinds of birds artistically, from sketching them in their natural environments to learning how to render a head to foot, full-detail illustration.

The few books published on this topic are limited in scope and only focus on a single specific media, such as watercolor or oil painting. But Sketching & Illustrating Birds offers instruction on how to depict birds using a range of different media, including pencils and pens, watercolors and gouache, oils and acrylics, and more. Each of these illustrations can be tailored to meet specific needs - whether its for biological studies, educational purposes, or artistic pursuits.

Discover all the techniques you need to know to represent the most common birds by studying their habits and habitats. Plus, learn about aspects of flight, as well as how to capture birds in motion, whether theyre flying or running. Youll find a wealth of practical examples of all kinds of birds in different environments, all rendered by accomplished artists specially chosen for their diverse and unique illustration styles.

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