Product : Six Strings: And the horse you rode in on

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Seymour Schmitt was a hyper teenager in the 60’s. He fell in love with rock and roll music and took guitar lessons without his religious, church-going parents knowledge. That’s not the only thing he was doing that they didn’t know about. Drinking beer, smoking weed, and hanging out with his guitar teacher who was a 34 year-old burnt out hippie. (Lester). They put a band together, but they end up with a pot eating turkey, horses that only understand Spanish, and doing a gig that literally burned the barn down.
It’s about the music. But if you add in the camping, fishing, horse-back riding and surfing, these kids were always getting into trouble.
Then when The Strawberry Campgrounds didn’t have a permit for live music they snuck in and jammed anyway.
When Ranger Dave shut them down it started a riot.
That was a bad day for Ranger Dave.


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