Product : Sebenzela MAKES THEM PAWZ II - Sonic Bark Control Collar – Safe, Effective, Humane using sound & vibration - NO SHOCK training control collar for dogs from 5-150 lbs – Battery Operated Device

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Sebenzela Makes Them Pawz II - model 801


Choose the most effective, humane, and loving way to train you dog from constantly barking with the Sebenzela Makes Them Pawz Barking Control Collar II. This collar, unlike many training collars on the market, DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY ELECTRICAL SHOCK.

If your lovable dog is like mine, they occasionally need to be reminded to not constantly announce their presence. This collar stops barking with progressively increasing sound and vibration which is controlled by a microprocessor that distinguishes your dogs bark from other voices and environmental noises. Depending upon the chosen level of sensitivity, the collar automatically delivers a sound and/or a vibration after each bark. If barking continues, the sound and vibration progressively increases.

The high quality, adjustable strap allows the collar to fit comfortably on dogs weighing from 5lbs up to 150 lbs. It comes in a single box and once you install the included battery, it is preset to deliver 4 levels of response to barking. It is adjustable up to seven levels.

Your fur baby is smart and will soon learn through the prompts from the Makes Them Pawz unit that incessant barking is unacceptable. You and your neighbors will be delighted in the results.

Items included in package: (1) Collar (1) Bowtie Training unit (1) Battery (1) Operation manual

HUMANE And EFFECTIVE - This collar uses a painless tone and adds a vibration only if barking persists.
- SELECTIVE LEVELS - The collar provides 6 different sensitivity levels. You can increase or decrease the sensitivity as your dog adjusts to the sound.
- SUITABLE FOR MOST DOGS - The high quality adjustable straps make this product suitable for dogs from 5 lbs to 150 lbs.
- HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - The unit is made from a solid piece of durable plastic and has a unique bowtie design as a decorative cover.
- BATTERY OPERATED - Runs on a single 6V 4LR44 that is included.

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