Product : Seat Pet Cover Car Protector Mat Waterproof Back Hammock Rear Dog & Cat

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•Made of waterproof oxford fabric, this heavy duty seat cover will protect your seat while providing comfort to your pets. It provides protection against shedding fur, dirty paws, scratches, mud etc. It is also widely used by parents to protect the back seat from messy spills caused by kids. By releasing the Velcro and fastening the seat belts through the built-in slits, passengers will be safe and secured. Along its protection purpose, it also protects your pet from falling on the floor. The middle zipper allows removing half of the cover so a child or adult can sit down. •Color: Black •Material: Waterproof Nylon •Size: 57" x 54"/145 cm x 138 cm •Zip Length: 16.5"/42 cm •Headrest Straps (4): 19"(48cm) long and 1"(2.5cm) wide •Slip openings for seat belts: 5.9"/15cm •Easy 4 straps attachment to the headrests. •Package Content: •1 x Pet Car Back Seat Cover
•Heavy duty, waterproof oxford fabric fully covers and protects your back seat from dirt, hair, scratches, etc.
- •2 opening slips for seat belts to go through, to buckle-up pets or passengers.
- •It can be used in a hammock style when all four straps are attached to headrests, or as a normal seat cover when un-zipped.
- •Cleaning Instructions: •Hose down with water and let dry outside. Scrub with brush if needed. Do not use washer or dryer.

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