Product : Rx Vitamins Amino B-Plex for Pets, 4 fl. oz./One Size

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Your pet is just as much a part of your family as your spouse or kids; therefore‚ protecting their health is just as essential. Rx Vitamins’ Amino B-Plax for Pets is an effective supplement designed especially for dogs and cats that supplies furry patients with beneficial amounts of B-complex vitamins and other powerful nutrients for good pet health. Importantly‚ Amino B-Plax for Pets is presented in a form that is tasty to pets‚ making it easier to administer the dosage via the included dropper.
The effective ingredients of Amino B-Plax for Pets deliver a variety of healthful nutrients to both canine and feline friends
- Delivers the 2mEq of potassium gluconate with each 2 ml administered
- highly palatable liver and bacon flavoring
- Plastic dropper

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