Product : ROYAL CANIN SIZE HEALTH NUTRITION MINI Adult dry dog food, 14-Pound

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Royal Canin MINI Adult provides suitable nutritional supply in carefully adapted amounts to help active and playful dogs stay fit. This diet includes sodium tripolyphosphate and specialized kibbles help reduce dental plaque and limit tartar formation. MINI Adult contains balanced protein and fat levels provide optimal energy to maintain a healthy adult weight. This diet features a flavor combination that satisfies even the most demanding palate. MINI Adult also contains essential fatty acids, amino acids and vitamins combine to protect the coat. Recommended for small breed dogs weighing up to 20 pounds at adulthood, from 10 months to 8 years of age. Size: 14 pounds.
Maintains ideal weight
- Enhanced palatability
- Coat condition
- For small breed adult dogs from 10 months-8 years of age ( 9- 22 lbs.)

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