Product : ReSpimask L size (10 pack), Antiviral face mask – anti flu protection, bacteria, virus, dust, smog, allergy

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• Be protected against flu during an epidemic

• Would you like to protect yourself and your love ones?

• Nanofiber fabric RESPILON® has a strong density that can capture all airborne biological threats. You are protected against viruses, bacteria, dust, allergens and smog, with the highest possible efficiency.

• ReSpimask® protects you:

✓ In the doctors waiting room

✓ When you suffer from allergies

✓ While travelling

✓ If you live in polluted area

✓ If you work in dusty workplace

✓ While gardening, cleaning and many more activities.

• Thanks to the advanced nanotechnology and special nonirritating adhesive strip, only ReSpimask® can effectively protect you against your surroundings. Our mask is an effective protective aid even during epidemics

• RESPILONs unique filtration features were approved by independent world known institutes (EMPA, Nelson Lab. etc.).

• To protect yourself and your love ones, buy now!

99.9% PROTECTION - Proved by Nelson Laboratories (USA) and EMPA (Switzerland)
- NO AIR LEAKS - Adhesive strip and flexible ear loop guarantee a perfect fit
- NO CHEMICALS - Protects purely through mechanical filtration, no chemical smell
- HIGHEST PROTECTION - Captures all particles ≥ 0,025µm, including flu viruses and Ebola
- UNIQUE QUALITY PRODUCT - individually wrapped, disposable, great for everyday use

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