Product : Premium Travel Dog Food Container. Collapsible Dog Bowl. Dog Food Measuring Cup. Perfect Gift for Dog. Durable Plastic. Universal Size. Dishwasher Free, BPA Free. FDA Approved. MAXY by Mirecek

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Unique 3 in 1 product MAXY - Collapsible dog bowl with dog food measuring cup

"Don´t let your pet get fat!!"

  • MAXY is perfect gift for dogs, cats and all other pets
  • Allow you feed and water your dog, cat or other pet
  • Just 3 easy steps and your dog is enjoying its food or water
  • Fast and simple pop-up foldable system, dishwasher friendly, easy to clean
  • Use carbine and hang MAXY near your pet food pack or on your backpack during travel
  • Measure food for your dog or cat every day so "Don´t let your pet get fat!!"
  • Water is not problem. Just fill it up, MAXY will hold water inside, no spill out

Material: Bowl - Silicone; Cup - PP Plastic, Carbine - Stainless steel
Color: Green or Pink

Package Contents:

  • 1 x MAXY Silicone Collapsible bowl
  • 1 x MAXY Plastic Measuring Cup
  • 1 x MAXY Carbine

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  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Small dog food container MAXY is multifunctional product. It is 3 in 1 kit for dogs consist of small dog food and water storage container, collapsible dog bowl and measuring cup for dog food and water. MAXY includes carbine for your better use of product, you can hang it on your backpack or dog leash. MAXY will never leave your dog thirsty or hungry. You will get premium quality product with lovely packaging so it is perfect as a gift set for dogs.
    - DURABLE, ECO and SAFE MATERIALS: Travel dog bowl is made from resistant silicone, measuring cup for dogs is made from sturdy PP plastic. All materials are BPA Free and FDA Approved, that you don't have to worry about health of your dog. MAXY is also Dishwasher Free and easy to clean. MAXY is made of premium materials, so it will keep its shape in higher temperatures and survive drop from 10 feet without any damage.
    - UNIVERSAL SIZE: Ideal for small, medium and large dogs because of its universal size. Foldable bowl is able to holds up to 17 fluid ounces and measuring cup is able to holds up to 33.8 fluid ounces. Portable dog food and water storage container will keep your dog watered and fed for long time during any activity. Bright green and pink color fits for both male and female dogs. Because of its color it is easy to see it in the dark, that you can hang bowl on dog collar for dog´s safety.
    - NO WATER LEAKING: MAXY can be used as a dog water bottle or water container for dogs. Unique construction allows you to store water in MAXY without any warries about water leaking. MAXY is made in our own molds which guarantee excellent sealing of water in product.
    - DOG HEALTH: Company Mirecek is here to take care of your dog´s health. MAXY is perfect sporting kit for dogs. Scale helps you to track amount of food and water, so you will be able to serve just accurate amount for your dog during hiking, traveling, training, sporting or home and other outdoor activity. It is not just best gift for active and sporting dog owners but also for all dog lovers. It will make your active life with your dog easier and never forget: "Don´t let your pet get fat".

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