Product : Premium 3 in 1 Pet Water Fountain - Includes Filter; Pet Food Bowl with Scooper - For Cats and Dogs - By Utopia Home

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Keep Your Pet Hydrated!

Utopias pet water fountain makes it really convenient for your pet to stay hydrated and well fed. The water fountain has a filter which filters out the water removing any kind of impurities along with bad smell or odor. Also the water keeps circulating so that oxygen is added which keeps the water fresh. It can hold 3 liters of water at a time.

Keep Your Pet Well Fed!

Utopias pet water fountain not only acts as a source of clean and safe water supply for your pet but also provides food as it serves as a food bowl as well which can serve up to 800ml of food. So you can rest assured that your pet is always kept fed and hydrated.

Water capacity of 3 liters is more than enough for a wide variety of pets in order to keep them healthy and hydrated
- The fountain includes a carbon filter which removes impurities along with bad smell from the water, also the fountain has a swirling water cycle which keeps the water fresh
- Also has a food bowl of 800ml along with a scale with helps keep your pet fed along with quenching its thirst
- Has a pump that is noise free, so does not disturb people within the same room
- Comes with a LED light which is helpful for the pet when it's dark

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