Product : Pork Treats For Dogs - Suitable Diabetic Dog Treats, Made in USA - All Natural Dog Treat Chew, Gluten Free, No Fillers Or Preservatives - Just Healthy, Delicious USDA Grade A Pork Hide - 8oz Bag

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Premium, Hand Crafted, Pork Hide Chewy Treats, Made For American Dogs By American People!

Do You Really Only Use Pork Hide?

• Yes, our USDA Grade A quality Pork Hide is ONLY sourced from farmers here in America...and its good enough for humans to eat, so only the best for your dog
• Oh, and there is another ingredient...a whole lotta love put into the making

What About Preservatives?

• There are absolutely NONE, period
• Gluten free, soy free, no corn, no rice, no colors, No flavor enhancers, no salt, no additives, no hormones and no by-products
• Basically, weve made these treats like were making them for humans, because you treat your furry friend as a member of your family, right?

Are These Good For My Dog?

• Absolutely!
• Unlike rawhide, we do not use chemicals to treat the hide
• Neither do we mix skin types to create these chews - just one ingredient, pork hide from US farmers
• And we definitely do not use chemicals to whiten the chews
• Theyre also easy to digest and can be used to keep your dogs teeth clean
• Oh, and theyre great for training too - offer these treats as an incentive and make learning fun

But My Dog is a Persistent Chewer!

• No problem - whether your lovable rogue is a power chewer or just a casual chewer, these pork hide strips will satisfy their desire to chomp!
• Make those rubber toys you buy last longer - give them these hide strips instead and theyll be completely satisfied

We only make these delicious, gourmet treats in small batches, so click the "Add To Cart" button now and grab yours...your furry best friend will definitely thank you!
ALL NATURAL, HEALTHY SNACKS - Your furry friend is a part of your family and it's natural you want to give them the best. So at Paw To Tail, we use just 1 ingredient in our chew treats - premium USDA Pork Hide that's good enough for humans to eat. Simple, nutritious and incredibly tasty
- NO FOREIGN INGREDIENTS - Just like you, we have dogs and would never dream of feeding them junk - that's why we ONLY source pork from trusted farmers in the USA and NOT in China. Plus, we make all our products at USDA-approved facilities here in America. Feel confident that your pup is enjoying the best quality when chomping on these gourmet treats
- SAFE AND ADDITIVE FREE - Rest assured when treating your little buddy, because our snacks don't contain grain, soy, corn, salt, artificial flavors or colorings. Plus, we don't use animal by-products, hormones or preservatives. And unlike rawhide, there's no nasty chemicals used to make these strips. Want to feel assured? Read our list of ingredients - we don't hide anything from you
- DELICIOUS LIGHTLY SMOKED FLAVOR - See how your pup stares with their big, loving eyes when you're grilling, desperate for a tid-bit? Well now they can have their very own, speciality pork hide chewie - our family recipe involves gently smoking these treats with hickory for 3 hours, giving them an irresistible smell and taste your dog will love
- THE CHOMP, SMILE, WAG PROMISE - We're confident your pets will love these, so here's our satisfaction guarantee - if your furry friend chomps down a delicious pork skin chew and doesn't smile at you while waggin' their tail for more, we'll give you your money back

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