Product : PetDek A Cargo Space Pet Place

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Winner fo USA Today 10 Best pick for Road travel! The PetDek just doesnt put a blanket over the problem, it flattens and can increase the back seat area by 40%. *It removes most of the slope of the seat. *No assembly required *Installs or removes in one minute *Only 12 lbs but carries up to 200 lbs. *Provides a large, level, flat surface *Raises rear seat level up to 4 inches * Hose it off *Does not block air vents *No flimsy boards to bend or break *Doesnt hang from headrests, so no jerking or worrying about seat angle *Folds and stows easily in the trunk *Fits most 4 door vehicles *Designed to last a lifetime *Includes a $19.95 value Drimate carpet *Made in the USA *See on Youtube under PetDek
Extremely strong with no internal boards to break or bend.
- Creates 8 sq ft of flat, comfortable space and increase of 40%
- Light weight at 12 lbs carries 200lbs, 23 x 48 x 2 unfolded 23 x 24 x 4 folded
- Easy to clean, just hose off. Includes custom Drymate carpet a $19.95 value.
- Does not attach to the head rests so no "jerking" or seat angle concern. Works on split rear bucket seats.

$ 124.95 $ 134.95

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