Product : Pet Training Collar for Dogs PetSmart Dog Remote Bark & Shock Collars, Waterproof 900 Yards Coverage Rechargeable Facilities. Vibration, Electric Shocks, Voice Control & 7 Levels (One Dog)

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The package comes with a remote transmitter, one collar receiver, one nylon belt, one USB charging cable, one charger and one user manual. The product is covered by warranty but you will hardly need that because we ensure that all our products are top notch in quality and performance.
DISTANCE - 900 yards: Powerful RF technology is used which helps you to train your dog even from a distance of 800 yards in all kinds of weather. It is especially good for hunting dogs. Other devices only offer an effective distance of 330 yards.
- AVAILABILITY OF 7 LEVELS & MODES: There are 4 different modes of communication Vibration, Flash, Beep and Automation. Along with that, each has 7 simulation levels that gradually increase. This is to ensure that your dog gets the message clearly without any confusion.
- The VOICE FUNCTION: This function is useful when your pet yells or refuses to obey. The auto Voice function works as a bark controller. It is available in single vibration/beep mode and also in both beep and vibration mode at different intensities. You have to make your choice.
- USER FRIENDLY & SAVES ENERGY: In order to save energy, the device goes into auto standby mode. It even has memory storage to remember favorite commands. The product is a shock collar, so your pet might get accidentally hurt. In order to protect your dog from accidental injuries, the product has the Intermediate button.
- SLIM, & MODERN IN SLICK DESIGN: Designed like a small cellular phone in matte material. This device and transmitter is very easy to understand and operate. Backlit LCD screen is also present to increase night time visibility.

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