Product : OUT! Disposable Male Dog Diapers, 12 count, Medium – Fits 14 inch to 19 inch Waist

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Super absorbent diapers made to fit the rascaliest of tail-waggers, OUT! Disposable Male Wraps will keep your doggy’s piddles contained.
No more frustration from fido marking in the house, and no more inconvenience from an incontinent pooch. Fur-safe, repositionable closures mean comfort for him, while keeping your house free from pee.
These male wraps are super-absorbant with leak-proof barriers that are guaranteed to work everytime.
WRAP IT UP - OUT! Disposable Medium Male Wraps are designed to fit medium-sized male dogs with a 14 - 19 inch waist. These are guaranteed to keep your little buddy comfy and dry, while helping you maintain peace of mind.
- LEG-LIFTING COMFORT - No matter how wiggly your little guy is, the unique stretchy fabric of OUT! Disposable Male Wraps will fit him comfortably and securely. For female dogs, try OUT! Disposable Dog Diapers.
- SNUG AS A BUG - Fur-safe, repositionable fasteners will help you tuck him in just right without sticking to his fur.
- DRY AS A BONE - The one-two combination of of leak-proof barriers and the super absorbent core will see to it that the pee stays where you want it, and doesn't get all over where you don't.
- RELIEF FOR WHEN HE RELIEVES HIMSELF - OUT! Disposable Male Wraps provide much needed protection for a male dog with incontinence, excitable urination, or who feels compelled to mark things that are clearly not his.

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