Product : Niteangel Quick Fit Nylon Dog Muzzle, Adjustable Loop, Black (L & XL)

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Niteangel quick fit nylon muzzle loop is comfortable to wear, with extra soft padding. D-ring enables leading by the head and gives better control. Fully adjustable neck strap with snap fit. Fully adjustable snout circumference.


1. Take the dogs measurement with a tape measure at the position shown. The muzzle loop should not be tight.
2. Place your forefinger under the tape measure to ensure enough space for your dog to be comfortable, do not tighten it.
3. Fit the selected muzzle loop on your dog. Check the fit by running your finger inside the snout strap. Your dog must be able to pant and have free tongue movement.

Better a little too loose than too tight!

Fitting the muzzle loop:

1. Place the muzzle loop over the dogs nose, making sure that it has a comfortable fit.
2. Bring the neck strap behind the head and snap the buckle parts together. Make sure that the neck strap is not twisted.
3. Pull the end of the strap to secure the muzzle loop. Do not overtighten.


• Make sure you have chosen the correct muzzle loop size for your dog.
• Be a responsible dog owner! Do not leave your dog unattended when wearing the muzzle. The muzzle should not be worn over a longer period of time.
• The loop should not be used to punish the dog.
• Help your dog get used to the muzzle loop, e.g. by giving treats through the loop when fastening it. This will provide positive reinforcement.

Made of quality nylon, strong and durable.
- Well-fitting, comfortable muzzle.
- Easy to use well designed durable head collar provides control to stop pulling, jumping, lunging. Allows freedom to pant and yawn.
- Include two size Muzzle Loops.
- Large Size - Snout strap 7-11.8 in, Neck strap 6.3-11 in; X-Large Size - Snout strap 9-13.4 in, Neck strap 9.4-11.8 in.

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