Product : Natural Sun Dried Butterfly Fish Maw From South America (Large) 1 Pound

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Fish maw is commonly used in Chinese cooking and in Chinese soups. Fish maw is one of the precious traditional Chinese ingredients rated along abalone and sea cucumber. Fish maw contains rich proteins and nutrients such as phosphor and calcium, but does not contain cholesterol and therefore it is a very valuable health enhancing ingredient suitable for long time consumption. Sun dried fish maw is hard solid, hollow translucent tube (pictures).should be soaked in water to soften before use(at least 8 hours in room temperature). Fully cooked fish maw has soft and slippery texture. The color of dry fish maw may vary but it doesnt affect the quality of the product. Fish maw prices vary widely depending on the size and the type of fish. 花膠含豐富蛋白質、磷質及鈣質等營養,具豐富骨膠原,有滋陰、固益精,對肺腎虛弱、貧血等均有功效。適合男女老少食用,具相當的食療價值。花膠含有高黏性膠體蛋白和黏多糖物質,對護膚尤為重要,有養顏活血的功效;而且花膠不含膽固醇,可長期食用,是非常有益的養生食材 花膠跟魚肚都是魚鰾,因魚的品種不同而分,蝶膠為花膠的一種,因貌似蝴蝶而得名。蝶膠質感較其它花膠黏口,膠質也比一般花膠豐富。每年產量不多,因此有人視其為花膠中之珍品。 需要邮寄中国大陆客人请注意: 买家可以选择美国直邮到手,(全程国际物流可查询,30天 左右收到)运费是每磅$8美金,由于连包装盒子一起称,会在总运费上自动加一磅的运费。 如需要此服务请跟我们联系,更改国际运费. 我们不负责赔偿有关快递所产生的送件延误或遗失问题,请各位谅解,购买时请考虑清楚.
Natural Sun Dried Butterfly Fish Maw From South America (Large) 1 pound
- A级(大)南美蝴蝶花胶--特厚身!
- Process: natural sun dried, no chemicals added
- Quantity: 1 pound
- Range of Pieces: 8-12 PCS/LB.

$ 188.00 $ 188.00

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