Product : Natural Dog Company SNOUT SOOTHER TRAVEL SIZE - Dry Chapped Cracked and Crusty Dog Nose Remedy for Dry Dog Noses .25 oz

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Dog noses are highly sensitive and can become very painful when the tissue becomes dry, chapped or cracked. No pet owner wants to see his or her beloved pet in pain or discomfort - and neither do we. Natural Dog Company has developed Snout Soother, a perfect blend of organic ingredients to nourish, heal and moisturize - naturally. Our soothing balm can be applied to a dogs nose to treat painful cracking and dryness as well as a preventative with its natural sunscreen elements. Essentially, Snout Soother is to dogs as Chapstick is to people...without all the chemicals. Dogs cant always help themselves when theyre in pain, but we do what we can to keep them happy and healthy - because we love them
Heals dry, chapped, cracked, crusty or bleeding dog noses.
- ORGANIC, all natural, vegan balm made in the USA from carefully selected and crafted ingredients
- Fragrance FREE (because dogs do not like scents like we do)
- Guaranteed to work FAST with our generous 90-day return policy - even if you use it all!
- Veterinarian Recommended by professionals all over the globe

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