Product : MOOST Cat Door 4-Way Locking Pet Door for Interior Doors Exterior Doors with Opening Size 6.54" x 6.22" for Medium Small Cats & Kid Dog

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MOOST Cat Door 4-Way Locking Pet Door for Interior Doors Exterior Doors

Freedom for You and Your Lovely Pet
If you have a lovely and very curious cat who cant stand closed doors, so she/he scratches and cries until she/he can get in, just to get out again.

With MOOST 4-Way Locking Cat Door, you can give your cat access to her litter box without having the litter box exposed in your home. Keep the door closed, but allow your cat to come and go.

The 4-Way Locking Cat Door allows you to control your cats access with a sliding lock that offers 4 access options: In-only, out-only, locked or open. This cat door is designed to fit Interior / Exterior people doors. Great for cats and small dogs up to 15 pounds.

Frame Size: 7.44*7.8*2.09 inches
Flap Size: 6.22*6.54 inches
Weight: 0.8LB
The Opening Size is 6.54" x 6.22" ,please measure the width(+0.39") & height(+0.39") of you cat before placing an order.
Please feel free to contact FLYGlobalus Customer Service Team via Email if you need any assistance :)
PERFECT SOLUTION FOR CAT ACCESS: A cat flap (cat door) enables your cat to come and go through its own door to the great outdoors. This is a cat flap with 4-way locks, including locked, unlocked, in-only and out-only features. Cat door with 4-way locks always have rigid flaps which are necessary for the mechanism to function.
- MORE CONVENIENCE WITH 4-WAY LOCKS: A 2-way lock is the normal "locked" or "unlocked" system. The 4-way lock feature adds "in-only" and "out-only" for added convenience depending on your schedule! An example of when to use these types of locks would be if you wanted your cat to come in at night and stay inside until you let them out in the morning. You would switch it to "in-only", that way once your cat comes inside (perhaps for dinner) they would not be able to turn around and go back outside.
- EASY TO INSTAL IN A DOOR: Easy installation with detailed instructions, cutting template and hardware included. Also, it is easy to clean. For installation in interior or exterior doors up to 1/2-inch thick; flap opening size is 6.54" L x 6.22" W, Great for cats and small dogs 15 pounds or less. Please measure your cat to confirm size before ordering.
- DURABLE AND RELIABLE: Made from clear, weather-resistant, unbreakable Lexan, high-impact, white plastic frame with a transparent, hard flap that provides a comfortable door for cats or small dogs.
- NO RISK PURCHASE - We offer a 18 months warranty for our products. Please feel free to contact us via Amazon order page and click Contact Seller. We guarantee you a reply within 24 hours and a lifetime friendly customer service to ensure your satisfaction.

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