Product : Miracle Door Mat (30"x60", Tan)

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The perfect blend of microfiber and natural cotton allows any type of dirt or debris to be removed from the bottom of your feet or your pets paws just by simply walking across the miracle door mat. Save on your cleaning costs, works great for both industrial and household applications. Ideal solution for busy industrial / commercial building, restaurant, retail stores, hotel, hospital, public institution, sports and leisure areas. Perfect for a doorway from outside of your front yard or your garden. Stops grease from your kitchen. Picks up and holds dry dirt and grit. Collects 95% of moisture and dirt from the soles of shoes. Non-slip PVC-free rubber backing. That wont break down like tradition backings on mats.
The ORIGINAL Miracle Door Mat! Dont be fooled by immatations!
- Stop dirt in its tracks! Removes sand, dirt, mud, fur needle, grass clippings, kitty litter, water. Pulls anything wet or dry off of your feet or your pets paws!
- Ideal for home, boat, Rv, office... Place by any door on any floor. Safe for all floor surfaces
- Machine washable tumble dry on low heat. PVC-free commercial grade rubber backing that wont crack crumble fall apart or melt in the dryer
- Unconditional Lifetime Replacement Policy! Anything happens to it at all rips, tears, falls apart, dog chews it, spill bleach on it, or stains in any way we will replace it for life.

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