Product : Midway Dreams Story Book & Pet Horses Bundle for Communication Between Grandparents and Grandchildren - Stuffed Animal Therapy for People with Memory Loss from Aging and Caregivers

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Midway is an adorable horse who has many dreams to share with all his friends! He dreams of winning a big horse race, competing in a real live rodeo, visiting New York City and many other fun experiences and roles the horse plays in our culture. He was named after the historical small town in Kentucky called "Midway". This bundle of products includes the beautifully illustrated book called "Midway Dreams", a 16" standing Memorable Pet horse for a grandparent and a 13" sitting horse for the grandchild. These tools enable them to create a special bond when visiting. The story with the horse pets become conversation tools, helping children to better relate to their grandparents with dementia and helping the grandparent to communicate in a relevant manner. The book is written by David Shew and Rhonda Shew Orttenburger and is illustrated by Craig Payst. Recommended for people with early- mid stages of dementia or Alzheimers.
Memorable Pets are adult appropriate, realistic looking dogs & cats developed with input by geriatric specialist Paula M. Taliaferro of Ohio, MGS, LSW.
- Memorable Pets provide loving comfort, a sense of security, and are a therapeutic tool for nurturing & play.
- Geriatric research shows the benefits of stuffed animal dogs & cats for mid- late stages of dementia. "As Alzheimer's diseas progesses the need to nurture, love and be loved increases." American Association of Geriatric Psychiatrists
- Our pets meet all US federal safety standards for institutional use.

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