Product : Luuup Litter Box - 3 Sifting Tray Cat Litter Box is Antimicrobial and Easy to Clean with Non-Stick Coating - Stylish, High-Sided Design with Spill Guard (15.4"x20.2"x7.5")

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Cats arent just pets, theyre part of the family. Unfortunately, their litter boxes are often a daily hassle to clean and maintain. Not only do they create a time-consuming mess, but they can also leave your home smelling less than fresh. With our 3 Sifting Tray Litter Box, caring for your furry friend is now easier than ever. The result is an innovative, easy-to-use litter system that cleans in 4 simple steps. Youll never have to scoop again. The gentle sifting action eliminates odours and prevents contamination of the clean litter by preventing clump breakage. For added hygiene and convenience, our trays are antimicrobial and have a non-stick coating. Odours and sticking litter are kept to a minimum while the detachable spill guard is your first line of defence against a messy floor. Measuring 15.4"x20.2"x7.5," the open top design comfortably accommodates all but the largest of cats. Who says quality and style have to be mutually exclusive? Crafted with pet-safe materials combined with forward-thinking design, Weve created a durable product of the highest quality, that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.
Designed for Convenience: Thanks to an innovative sifting system, cleaning your litter box takes seconds. Simply sift the litter, toss any waste, rotate the tray and re-stack. Save time and use less litter and say goodbye to your scooper.
- Minimize Mess: Antimicrobial and finished with a non-stick coating, our sifting litter box makes hygiene a priority. Not only does it help keep your home odor-free, but it also features a detachable spill guard, ensuring that less litter winds up on your floors.
- Comfortable for Cats: We care about the health of your pet as much as you do. That's why our litter box utilizes a vet-recommended open top design. Easy to step into and measuring 15.4"x20.2"x7.5" it's suitable for all but the largest cats. Just be sure to use 1 box per cat +1
- Premium Quality: Designed with durable, pet-safe materials, our large litter box is made to last. With a sleek, modern design that's a seamless match for the modern home.
- PRODUCT NOTICE: Please refer to the quick start video on this page and the instructions in box to ensure proper operation of this product.

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