Product : LumiPets Baby Night Light Nursery Lamp Bear - USB Rechargeable Wireless + Remote Control with Timer and Brightness Controls for Kids and Children

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✭ 9 vibrant colors
✭ Eco friendly and high quality none toxic soft washable silicone + ABS material safe for babies and toddlers. No sharp parts and can be put into bed.
✭ Remote Control with added Sleep Timer and Brightness Control
✭ Vibration sensor allows easy control of lights on tap.
✭ Portable design and handheld size. Bring on a camping trip or keep it on the charger.
✭ Kids love these super cute adorable faces! Makes a perfect baby shower gift!
✭ Built in 1200mAH lithium battery supports portable usage all night. No need to replace batteries and doesnt get hot. Micro USB charge point accessible while standing upright.

1 x multicolor lamp
1 x remote control
1 x USB cable
1 x Instructions manual

⓵ Charge the night lamp fully for first time use.
⓶ Press the power button to turn it on and the lamp will stay at normal warm white light mode.
⓷ Tap the silicone surface to switch between colors and modes or use the remote control.
⓸ If you want to turn off the lamp, press the main power button again.

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✔︎ Hello, I am a LumiPet. I provide gentle and calming mood lighting for my friends. Cycle through different modes and colors simply by tapping my soft silicone body or using the remote control.
- ✔︎ I have no sharp parts, don't get hot, and can be put directly into bed or crib with the little ones to protect them from darkness and keep away the scary monsters at night. I can accompany kids to the toilet and I will be there to help you change the diaper at night.
- ✔︎ I will guard the little ones from darkness while allowing light sensitive parents to sleep well. I have different powers to help kids who are afraid of the dark to fall asleep. Slow flow for a dreamlike atmosphere to create a relaxed bedtime experience, or blink mode to learn the colors with me. We can also pause on any color you like!
- ✔︎ My Handheld size and eco-friendly design make me perfect to be your little ones companion. I will provide hours of tapping fun for kids of all ages! I am washable, even in your dishwasher. You can take me anywhere, even on your next camping trip!
- ✔︎ GUARANTEED TO LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK - We don't compromise on quality and stand by our products 100%. If you are not completely satisfied with one of our LumiPets, simply contact us anytime and we will do our best to resolve your concern.

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