Product : KOLPCTT New Universal 3-IN-1 Mobile Phone Camera Clip Lens, Special Effects Shots, Macro + 180 Degree Supreme Fish Eye + 0.67X Wide Angle + 0.4X Wide Lens, With A Clamp and A Free Flannelette Bag

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Compatible with most types of mobile phones: the thickness of the cellphone is no more than 1.5cm and the distance between camera and the edge of the cellphone is no more than 1.5".

Mobile Phone = Massive Photography
Massive, expansive, pro-grade shooting is now possible with all mobile and smart phone devices on the market. Thanks to high-grade lenses, precision fittings and a universal clip design, this 3-lens kit gives your cameraphone the photography and videography power of a standalone camera. Whether youre using an iPhone, an Android smartphone, a Samsung device, or a tablet of any size, our simple and easy to use lenses may render your more traditional gear all but obsolete. As a bonus, we even included a soft carrying pouch so that your newly favorite lenses are never far from reach.

A Truly Universal Lens Clip Design
The innovative lens clip design is what makes this kit perfectly suited for whatever camera device youre wielding. First and foremost, its lens-mounting nut slides freely to achieve perfect alignment with your devices built-in camera lens. Once thats in place, you simply screw on your lens of choice for an unimpeded line of sight. The clips non-slip rubber grip keeps things firmly where you want them without the need for adhesives, and an immobility screw keeps the clip from opening without your will. Swapping out lenses is also super easy, and does NOT require you to remove the clip from your device.

KOLPCTT Fisheye Lens - Included Universal Smartphone Clip Mounts Each Lens Perfectly w/o Adhesives
- KOLPCTT Fisheye Lens - Complete Kit Offers You Amazing Photography & Videography Capabilities
- KOLPCTT Fisheye Lens - Rubberized Grip, Sliding Nut & Immobility Screw Ensure Good Fit & Image Stability
- KOLPCTT Fisheye Lens - Portable! Take these Lens kits with your cell phone, enjoy and capture every precious moment!
- KOLPCTT Fisheye Lens - Compatible with most types of mobile phones

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