Product : IRIS Clean Pet Cat Kitty Open Top Cats Litter Box with Shield and Scoop Tidy New

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The IRIS Open Top Litter Pan with Shield makes cleaning up after your cat a snap. This litter Box has a removable litter shield to prevent litter spray. The open top design offers easy accessibility and cleaning while the side and back shields are high enough to protect flooring from unwanted litter spray. Beautiful navy color blends in no matter where you place the pan. Deep design pan 15" W x 18 7/8" L x 11 11/16" H keeps litter in and dirt out. The pan comes with litter scoop included. Scoop is designed to fit anywhere on the pan. Uses standard litter pan liners
Dimensions: 19.00"L x 15.00"W x 11.75"H
- High-polish finish for easy cleaning and includes matching litter scoop
- Recessed bottom and molded-in feet
- Shipping form Warehouse in USA

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