Product : Horze Advanced Pro-Tec Boot Set Black Full

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The snazzy Horze logo is boldly printed on this handsome set of protective boots. This customer favorite offers effective leg protection and is designed for increased freedom. The soft padded lining with a low cut on the top provides easy movement and comfort. The high quality PVC outer shell protects against hard strokes and shocks for great protection than most boots. This high quality boot set has Neoprene lining to increase protection, add comfort and support to both the cannon and fetlock areas of the legs. A reinforced Velcro strap secures these one-of-a-kind, highly respected boots for a comfortable fit.
Reinforced Velcro strap assures a perfect, comfortable fit
- Neoprene lining aids in comfort and protection against abrasions
- Durable PVC outer shell adds increased protection
- Horze signature "Z" on each Velcro strap adds a smart look
- Set of four comes with two front tendon boots and two hind fetlock boots

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