Product : Hometex Biosafe, Anti Microbial Toilet Floor Mat, Rectangular with Cut Out, 48" x 24" (FRHMTO12060EV)

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Hometex Biosafe mats are perfect to use in the toilet or bathroom. They provide a barrier to keep your surfaces clean, and protected from scratches, scuffs, dirt and spillages. With an anti-microbial ingredient that works for the lifetime of the mat to protect it from microbial deterioration.
Keeps surfaces clean and protected from damage; heat resistant to 140° F
- Each mat has an anti-microbial ingredient built-in to protect the mat from microbial deterioration; tested in accordance with the International ISO22196 standard
- Free from phthalate plasticizers (which are banned from children's toys and medical instruments) giving you peace of mind that our PVC mats are even safer to use; produced using 30% renewable energy and contains up to 25% recycled material
- Smooth-back finish; for use on hard floors and low pile carpets
- Rectangular - 48" x 24" with a toilet base cut out of 13" x 11"; mat size may vary slightly due to manufacturing process

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