Product : Handicapping Speed: The Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Sprinters: A Critical Look At The Science Of Speed Handicapping

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Handicapping Speed is an in-depth analysis of speed in horse racing and how speed can be used in handicapping.
It presents a detailed description of how time is measured in horse racing and factors, such as "Track Constants"
(defined for the first time by Carroll) which can affect understanding of published data. Carroll then presents a detailed analysis of how horses run at different racing distances, leading to a unique approach for developing speed figures, and how to use them in a betting strategy. The appendix contains the actual computer code for an early version of Speed Handicapper (TM) software.

Andrew Beyer described it as "One of the most thoughtful and literate books on horse racing..." (Beyer on Speed, p. 55). James Quinn devoted an entire chapter to it in his book, The Best of Thoroughbred Handicapping. It has also been praised by Tom Brohammer, Howard Sartin, Michael Pizzolla, and other professional handicappers and writers.


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