Product : Grass Patch Hunting and Play Box Cat Ball Toy by Petstages

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Grass Patch Hunting Box by Petstages combines hunting fun with a touch of nature. Faux grass on the top is purr-fect for scratching, hunting and lounging. Jingle balls inside fun to chase and bat. Watch your kitty discover more holes on the side for more hunting opportunities. This fun toy is great for one or more cats. Most cats stay inside all of their lives, separated from the stimulating, engaging activities that are naturally available outside of the house. To help address your cats instinctual needs, Invironment products offer a variety of natural materials, textures and activities to provide the Invironment that kitty craves, making them a safe and happy cat!
Faux grass for scratching, hunting and lounging
- Jingle balls fun to chase and bat
- Discovery sides for more hunting opportunities
- Great for one or more cats

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