Product : Go Go Cute Puppy- Personalized Dog Collars - Custom Embroidered Collar With Pet Name & Phone Number - 4 Adjustable sizes - 9 Bright Colors For Boy and Girl Dogs

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These custom collars are a great way to make sure your dog (fur baby) will be quickly identified if they get lost and make sure it is always looking perfect and cute.

We will include the dog name and a phone number on the collar or any other text you may like.

4 Available Sizes: Extra Small : (8-12") x 5/8", Small : (10-16") x 3/4", Medium : (14-20") x 1", Large : (16-24") x 1"

9 Available Collar Colors: Black, Purple, Pink, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow and Brown

11 Available Thread Colors: Black, Light Blue, Blue, Gray, Purple, Pink, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, White

These collars are extra tough and durable with 2 layers of nylon webbing for a lifetime of use.

Extra durable with 2 layers of nylon webbing. Doubling up on the webbing make them last longer and it also makes it so we can use black on the inside while having your color choice on the outside. This process helps make the color stay brighter and more colorful far longer.
- Extra dense embroidery for long lasting good looks. While increasing the density may take longer it also makes for a far richer and longer lasting embroidery design.
- 9 Multiple Collar Colors: Black, Purple, Pink, Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, Brown and 11 Thread Colors: White, Grey, Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, Light Blue, Blue, Black, Pink, Purple.
- 4 Different Sizes: XS : (8-12") x 5/8"; S : (10-16") x 3/4"; M : (14-20") x 1"; L : (16-24") x 1". Good for puppies, adults, large and small dogs.
- You can switch/choose between sizes and colors by clicking on the buttons and customize your text and thread collor by clicking on "Customize Now" at the top right.

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