Product : Fun Leopard Gecko And Bearded Dragon Facts For Kids 9 - 12 (Fun Animal Facts For Kids Book 3)

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Fun Facts About Lizard Pets for Children!

Easy to care for, curious and friendly, leopard geckos and bearded dragons can make great family pets.

Here are the most amazing and intriguing facts about these fascinating and friendly lizards.
  • Can you play outside with your pet lizard?

  • Are these pets smelly? Are they noisy? Do they like other pets?

  • What is a morph? Why are they different than other lizards?

  • Which pet is best – leopard gecko or bearded dragon?

This fun lizard pet book includes lots of colour photos and lively writing to delight young readers in grades 4 to 7.

Age level: 8 – 12.

With over 20 colour photos of leopard geckos and bearded dragons.


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