Product : Fish dumpling 80g X12 pieces of Pigeon registered dietitians delicious recipes Taratoebi

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For the first time, even it is easy to eat soft "fish dumplings Taratoebi". It is a baby food pouch type. In accordance with the development of the cam force of baby from 9 months around May, I was cooking Given the size and hardness of the ingredients. The coloring, flavoring, preservatives are not used. 1 servings 80g Tara more than 3%, (of 27 items) allergic substances contained in raw materials more than 2% shrimp: shrimp, wheat, egg, soy, chicken
Contents: 80g
- Calories: 36kcal
- Ingredients: vegetables (carrots, corn, potatoes)
- Product size (height x depth x width): 163mmx106m

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