Product : Filter Socks 200 Micron - 4 Inch Ring by 14 Inch Long – 2 pack- LONG - Aquarium Felt Filter Bags - Custom Made In The USA For Aquatic Experts

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"best filter socks, period" "quality is perfect" "Ive used this brand for 5 years now" "good construction and materials" "it will polish your water nicely" "cant believe how much these socks filter out of my tank"

Do You Want The Best And Longest Lasting Filter Socks?
Sure, we all do, but there are countless bags or socks with varying degrees of quality and cleaning capacity. How do you know which one is the best? Well, I know how you feel I was in the exact same position as you.

Thoroughly Tested on Thousands of Aquariums
Owning an aquarium store and an aquarium service company for 25 years meant that I had to search out and test countless filter socks to find the best ones for my clients. Fortunately, one stood above the rest giving consistent and repeatable filtration performance in freshwater, saltwater and reef tanks.

Use the Same High Quality and Durable Filter Socks the Pros Use!
Our custom made filter socks have interlocking micro-denier felt fibers perfect for trapping uneaten foods, waste excreted by livestock, decaying plants, detritus, dust, and other floating particulates from your water.

Increase Water Quality
Changing your 4 inch ring, 200 micron filter socks often will increase water quality by removing the collected solids before they continue to break down and add additional nutrients to your aquarium water. For convenience we offer larger quantities - just go back to the top and click on our name "Aquatic Experts" under the title.

When you receive your 2-pack of 4 inch by 14 inch filter socks you will also receive exact instructions of how the pros clean their aquarium filter socks

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CUSTOMER AND PROFESSIONALS CHOICE - Our 200 micron size polypropylene filter socks are BEST SELLERS - the TOP CHOICE for my clients as well as my aquarium service technicians and both chose 200 micron socks because they do not clog as quickly as smaller microns do, yet they help ensure crystal clear water. These filter socks are constructed with DURABLE polypropylene which lasts longer than those made with polyester.
- HIGH QUALITY AND REUSEABLE - Solid construction and heavy duty stitching make these socks strong and durable so they can be CLEANED AND REUSED NUMEROUS TIMES. You will receive two 4 inch by 14 inch long felt filter socks with a 4-inch diameter plastic ring that will fit most sump holders. Also available in 8 and 24 pack.
- CUSTOM MADE: Our filter socks are constructed only when our factory receives our exact specifications; YEARS OF TESTING produced the perfect blueprint. Other socks may look like ours but if you want the best you have found them. To see all of our sizes and quantities simply click above on - by Aquatic Experts - under the title.
- IMPROVE WATER QUALITY- Our filter socks have interlocking micro-denier felt fibers that are perfect for trapping uneaten food, waste excreted by livestock, decaying plants, detritus, dust, and other floating particulates. Changing filter socks regularly will increase water quality by removing solid organic compounds before they continue to break down and add additional nutrients (which can increase algae growth) to your aquarium water.
- TIPS AND RISK-FREE GUARANTEE! You will receive our PROFESSIONAL CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS included with your filter socks. In addition we are committed to our 100% customer satisfaction so if you find that you are not 5-Star Happy with us or our products then please contact us and we will do whatever it takes to make sure you are 100% happy.

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