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"Wildlife Park - Farm World "- makes come true the dream of the own horse farm.

Create, design and care your own horse farm with up to 8 horse breeds, such as the Haflinger, Arabian and Shetland ponies.
But also typical farm animals such as sheep, cows and pigs enrich your horse farm and make him an attractive farm with high recreational value.
The home-grown cereals, fruit and vegetables provides food for your animals, and a well-situated Stud also soon attracts the first visitors who are interested in next to the horses for eggs and even produced cheese and honey on the stands. A beautiful landscaped yard soon attracts the first visitors.
Through the breeding of new breeds, you extend your animal population of the small horse farm to a thriving Stud!

Mac Minimum System Requirements:Mac Recommended System Requirements:
  • Processor:   2 Ghz
  • RAM:   512
  • Hard Disk:   500
  • Video Card:   128 mb video memory, OpenGL 2
  • Supported OS:   Mac El Capitan 10.11, Mac Yosemite 10.10, Mac Mavericks 10.9, Mac Mountain Lion 10.8, Mac Lion 10.7, Mac Snow Leopard 10.6

    • 4 tutorial-missions and 7 more exciting missions around the construction and the management of a horse farm, as well as a sandbox mode with 10 maps in different climates.
    - • Production facilities for the production of agricultural products, such as mill, dairy and beekeeping; Cultivation of grain and vegetable fields and orchards to provide fodder.
    - • 8 different types of horse and more 10 typical farm animals
    - • Free landscaping and rich planting, realistically simulated water spread and waterfalls, as well as travel and bridge constructions!
    - • 10 different kinds of staff take care of your horse farm; The animal keeper, farmer, gardener, craftsman to the trainers, which provides for the execution of animal art pieces.

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