Product : eSay Cake Scraper Smoother, Adjustable Decorating Icing smoother For Wedding Festival,Cream Decorating Tool (Green)

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1) High quality material: Made of food grade plastic material, safe, non-toxic, sanitary and durable

2) Suitable for various cake types such as bakery cake, fondant, mousse baking decorating helper

3) Adjustable cake scraper can frost from 2.5” to 8” cake high

4) Perfect gift for your family, friends, and lover

5) Easy to clean and install

Guarantee Best Service:

Adjustable cake smoother have been well tested before sell, However, If you are not satisfied with your order for any reason or with our product quality, please feel free to send the product back to us and a full refund will be returned to you. We are very sorry for that.

5 easy steps for happiness:

1. Put cream on the cake

2. Adjust the height of tool according to the cake height by your cake smoother

3. Place it vertically on the edge of the turntable and close to cake on top and side.

4. Gently rotate the turntable

5. Enjoy with your cake topping

After using, you just wash in soapy water, not dishwasher safe.

Package included:
1 x Green Adjustable cake smoother

Looking for homemade lover gift ideas to make your happiness in many special occasions on special day?

This Adjustable Cake Scraper Smoother is a tool that can help you make a cake like a professional on Birthday, Anniversary day, Masquerade parties, Costume parties, Carnival, Christmas, Easter, New Year’s Eve party, Halloween, Family get-together or Any Special day etc..

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SCALABLE AND ADJUSTABLE: Scalable Cake Scraper Smoother can be changed its height according to your needs. It uses to craft designs on the side as well as the top of cakes at the same time. Help to create sharp edges easily and save your time. Ergonomic design with remove rough from your artwork.
- EASY TO USE AND WASH: This Adjustable Cake Scraper Smoother consists of two pieces that use for side and top of cakes. When you use it, you just wear hook of a small slim piece from a top of bigger piece and slices to choose your desired level. After finished using, you can clean and maintain easily with dishwashing liquid and clean water.
- GOOD QUALITY: We chose high-quality material for manufacture adjustable cake scraper smoother with food grade material, safe, non-toxic, sanitary and durable. In addition to being exceptionally durable and heat resistant, this great baking scraper is also lovely color with green and pink.
- LIMITED USING SIZE: Adjustable cake scraper can frost a barrel cake height from 2.5" to 8". Additionally, it can be used for cook square cakes very well.
- PERFECT GIFT TO MAKE GIFT: Ideal for home or professional bakery cake. This Cake Scraper Smoother can help to create a perfect cake on several special events such as Birthday, Masquerade parties, Costume parties, Carnival, Christmas, Easter, New Year's Eve party, Halloween, Family get-together, Festive Holiday Vacation etc..

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