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Do Dogs Go To Heaven? answers lots of questions about Gods wonderful plan for animals, including eternity in heaven and the new earth. It explores the Bible, animal intelligence and behavior studies, and includes anecdotes, both old and new. The author is a veterinarians daughter, a retired lawyer and dedicated animal lover. The title came from the authors mom asking multiple ministers if dogs went to heaven. The book covers the question for all types of animals, wild and tame. The first edition had rave reviews, and the revised edition only updates the original.
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“As a Baptist pastor I never really even thought about what the Bible says about animals. Reading Do Dogs Go to Heaven shook my theological world! This is a must read for anyone who loves animals!” – Rev. Paul L. Cox, Aslan’s Place, Hesperia, CA.
“Do Dogs Go to Heaven answers questions most of us probably have, but dismiss. Jean Holmes has taken time to study a subject at which many people scoff. Her candid approach, combined with humor, makes this an enjoyable journey. When I have to part with a pet, it is gut-wrenching. Jean gets to the meat of answering questions such as “Do animals have souls and spirits?” There are many other questions Jean addresses. This book will stimulate you to come up with a conclusion for yourself. Enjoy!” – Rev. Linda Budd, Senior Co-Pastor, Open Bible Fellowship (now Rivergate Church), Tulsa OK

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“I, too, like your mother, have asked the question and never felt like I got a thoroughly believable answer. ... the Biblical backing of my beliefs are imperative. ... I am quite comfortable with your conclusion and terrifically joyous about it!”
“...what a comfort your book has been to me, personally.”

“I cannot begin to tell you how much your book means to me.”

“Thank you for this delightful book. It was so good and comforting. I lost 2 dogs ... and this book helps to heal.” “I’m really enjoying your book, laughing in parts and pondering in
others, very good!”

“I loved the book and so has everyone else to whom I have given it.”

“ husband and I . . . came to Christ by reading your book right after we lost our golden retriever. He has read that book so much, he knows it by heart.... your book has done so much for me and my husband ... You have a beautiful way of putting His Word in layman’s terms.”

“...a great book not only in respect to the subject but also to the Bible itself. I probably learned more about the Bible reading this book than at any other time in my life. *** Probably the most powerful thing though was the author’s description of animal sacrifices in the Old Testament. When... I first read the Bible, I was horrified that God would ...require animal sacrifices. ... I now understand....”

“Thank you so much for taking the time to research and write this wonderful book. .. Thank you again for this bit of peace for a very heavy heart.”


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