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What do you know about Cat Breeding? What do you know about the different Cat Breeds? If you’re really passionate about cats, continue reading!

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This book will help you better understand Cat Breeding. It has been written as a general overview outlining the main things you need to know about this subject. Its a short read and a great start for people who know little about the subject.

Cat breeding can be a rewarding experience, but its not an operation to be undertaken lightly. If you’re thinking about breeding your pet, first consider the tragic surplus of unwanted cats sitting in shelters and running the streets at this very moment. Are you absolutely sure youll be able to find or provide permanent homes for the kittens youll help bring into the world? If youre committed to this obligation, then read on.

Cat breeding seems to be slightly less complicated than dog breeding, since you dont need to be as precise about the timing and felines seem to be far more self-sufficient at handling the mating themselves. Cat breeding is noisy, and frankly, a bit rough. Once introduced, a pair will engage in behavior that looks more like warfare than romance. Although the breeder should be present in case things truly get out of hand, its better to resist the urge to intervene and let the cat breeding commence naturally.

This book will help you understand this whole process. Although every cat is not of sufficient quality to make it worth breeding, there are some worthy specimens that can make a contribution to their breed. Check with your vet to determine your pets health, and proceed responsibly from that point forward.

What you are about to learn...

  • Chapter 1 – Cat Breeds and Types

  • Chapter 2 – Breeding Your Cat

  • Chapter 3 – How to Assist in Whelping

  • Chapter 4: Basic Training Concepts for Cats

  • Much, much more!

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"This book covers some essential information on cat breeding. Though there is some common sense advice, this guide is loaded with helpful tips on cat whelping that I havent seen eslwhere. I find the authors breeding technique very interesting and helpful. This little book is great for anyone who wants to know more about cats."

- Lisa -

"This is a great guide for anyone who is trying to get into cat breeding. It is clear, concise and easy to understand. Great guide!"

- Kai Perrera -

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