Product : Cats: 80 Fascinating Facts For Kids About Cats

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Cats: 80 Fascinating Facts For Kids About Cats

Cats have had a close and affectionate relationship with humans for around 10,000 years, firstly as hunters and later being accepted into homes as pets.

Over the centuries cats have been worshipped as gods in ancient Egypt and burned alive by Christians in medieval Europe, before becoming the most popular pet in the world today.

Anne Walker brings you a comprehensive list of facts about cats, including behavior, anatomy and their amazing senses.

Reading a long book can often be overwhelming for a young person, but Walker gives you important and interesting facts about the cat in 80 easy to understand segments with many colorful illustrations.

We hope the facts in our book will fascinate you and encourage you to find out more about these remarkable animals.
This book is suitable for the age of 8 and above.


* Introduction
* History and Evolution
* Body Types
* Anatomy
- The Skeleton
- Muscles
- Fur
- Paws and Claws
- Eyes
- Teeth
* Senses
- Hearing
- Sight
- Smell
* Behavior and Instinct
- Sleep
- Hunting
- Territory
- Grooming
* Birth and Kittens
* Cat Types
* Assorted Cat Facts
* Conclusion


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