Product : Cats are Jerks: But we Love them Nonetheless

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Have you ever wondered (albeit secretly, because you thought it sounded so crazy that no one would ever believe you) that your cat (and all others for that matter) are actually jerks? Well, pat yourself on the back, because you were actually right. Cats are total jerks, no doubt about it. Just look at some of the things they do so brazenly, without even a tinge of guilt: she actually hears you, just pretends not to; her rubbing is a way of marking you as her territory (and not proof that she likes you so much); she purrs you into control, without you even knowing it; she might say no to a cuddle session just for the heck of it or because she actually (gasp!) doesnt like cuddling. So what?
Their super awesome hunting skills are rubbed into our faces every time she brings a kill home, lovely little crimson shredding of what used to be a mouse of a bird or any other little critter. Again, she’s not revealing how much she likes you. She actually thinks your hunting skills are so bad that she needs to take it upon herself to teach you a thing or two. And rest assured, she does think you’re hopeless, it’s just that she doesnt give up that easily. Finally, what makes her such a vicious killer could be the fact that sugar means nothing to her. Yup. She actually can’t taste sweetness.

The previously stated reasons are only a few of all mentioned in the book, further emphasizing the fact that your sweet little kitty is a jerk and doesnt really care… or does she? Bottom line is, while she does act like a queen of queens (we have the Egyptians to thank for this), and with her, you can barely get any work done, she is still your furry little darling and we know you wouldnt change her for anything else in the whole wide world.


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