Product : Cabinet Locks Child Safety By Emee Baby, Magnetic, Hidden, Under Cabinet, Keep Kids Secured, Improved Design, Stronger Magnet, Easy To Install With The Free Bonus Installation Tool (4 Locks + 1 Key)

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For parents of young children, their primary concern is always keeping their surroundings as safe as possible. Toddlers are always on the go, and are constantly exploring everything they come in sight with, making it harder for their caregivers to keep them safe at all times.
Locking drawers and cabinets creates a much safer environment, and keeps danger out of their reach.
Keeping drawers and cabinets locked at all times prevents children from accidentally harming themselves with household chemicals or by touching sharp objects. It also avoids getting hurt from the sharp edges and openings, and prevents finger jams.
This is why it is necessary to use Magnetic Cabinet Locks.

Emee Babys Magnetic Hidden Locks are designed to keep toddlers, young children, and pets, out of cabinets and drawers, especially when they are filled with dangerous and hazardous stuff, while still allowing you to have easy access to the items inside. This Emee Baby Magnetic Lock System is mounted to the inside of the cabinet, which is more aesthetically appealing than external hardware. This lock system is especially designed with super tight magnetism, so that little fingers cannot squeeze in between and get hurt. This Emee Baby Magnetic Hidden Lock gives you easy access to whats inside your cabinets. With our specially designed magnetic key, all you have to do is just tap the outside of your cabinet the closet door opens instantly. Locks can be disengaged, using the convenient flip switch, during periods of necessary longer access.

Package contains:

4 Locks
1 Key
Free Installation device
Screws (optional)
Step by Step Installation Manual
✔ MORE PROTECTION, LESS INJURY - If you have a baby or toddler you know that cabinets & drawers can be dangerous for them to access. Whether it's soap in your kitchen or bathroom, detergents in your laundry room, or just personal stuff anywhere in your home, protection is always needed. With our super strong Magnetic Hidden Lock System danger will be out of their reach. Keep your beloved ones safe by locking cabinets & drawers. PREVENT YOUR CHILD FROM GETTING HURT!
- ✔ EASY TO INSTALL - Featuring our brand new *INSTALLATION DEVICE* which will make your installation process faster & easier. This lock includes a special device, which eliminates extra time being spent measuring & figuring out the exact place to install the lock parts, so they match up correctly and function properly. Each set includes a clear step by step installation manual. With this brand new device, installation will take only a few moments, and ensure great satisfaction of this product.
- ✔ UPGRADED VERSION - This magnetic lock can be easily installed without the use of a drill or screws. It keeps cabinets looking perfect from the outside, but protects what's inside. This Emee Baby Lock System gives you easy access to locked stuff by just tapping the outside of the door or drawer with the specially designed magnetic key. It's great to keep the key on your refrigerator for easy access. This product is made with stronger magnetism, & keeps your cabinets and drawers safely closed
- ✔ NEW & IMPROVED LOCK FEATURE - This Emee Baby Magnetic Lock System keeps cabinets locked, & when tapping the outside with our special magnetic key, it unlocks. Our special "Latch Lock" system enables you to keep cabinets unlocked when children are out, & allows you to access things freely without the use of any keys. Just disengage the lock by pulling the unlock lever over the lock, & the cabinet now unlocked. Simply push the lever back when needed & the lock will re-engage.
- ✔ BUY NOW! SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Keeping you happy and satisfied is our #1 priority. We are fully confident that you will enjoy our great product. We stand behind our products offering you a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for 90 days, in case this magnetic lock does not comply with your expectations. (Pretty sure it will) CLICK THE ADD TO CART BUTTON TO PURCHASE THIS GREAT EMEE BABY MAGNETIC HIDDEN LOCK SYSTEM!

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