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Both meat and organs satisfy a cats carnivorous nutritional needs. Chicken liver is a complete protein, rich in iron as well as other minerals and vitamins. Even the most finicky cats love it. Our cage-free chickens are humanely raised on a vegetarian diet without antibiotics, steroids or hormones. FOOD ALLERGIES & INTOLERANCES: Many cat contain large amounts of cereal grains, the most common being corn, wheat, barley, and rice. Not only are these grains a frequent source of allergies, there may also be a correlation with food intolerances since they are more difficult to digest. Felines lack sufficient enzymes to easily digest these high carbohydrate grains which may result in gastrointestinal problems as well as intestinal inflammation or celiac disease. Cereal grains are also a potential source of pesticide and herbicide residues. FELINE NUTRITION: Cats are strict carnivores which means they are designed to get their protein from meat, not plants. Hence their nutritional needs are very different from humans or dogs, omnivores who derive some nutritional support from plant-based proteins. Treats from BOULDER CAT FOOD COMPANY LLC are 100% meat - bison, chicken, chicken liver, turkey, or 100% fish - squid, shrimp, tilapia, bonito. The moisture level has been reduced to less than 10% for a longer shelf life. Did you know a cats natural prey in the wild is 70-75% water? So cats should have plenty of clean water to drink with their food.
Single Ingredient - Chicken Liver
- Nutritious & All Natural Treat
- Cage-Free Chickens
- Shipped Fresh from our Bakery
- Made in the U.S.A

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