Product : BORNIER Quick Release Buckles (Dual Quick-Locks) Smooth, Comfortable and Easy-Breathing H-Style Harness (Comes W/ BoxCave Microfiber Cleaning Cloth) (14.5-23.2 (Chest Girth), Black)

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BORNIER Quick Release Buckles H Harness

✔ Dual buckles design, easy to put the harness on and off your dog.
✔ No need to put on the harness through your dogs legs. No need to worry if the harness breaks apart. Put on the harness while your dog stands or sits.
✔ H-shaped structure, it will prevent your dog from rubbing between the front legs, which gives your dog great comfort.
✔ Unlike 8-shaped harness, H-shaped harness can prevent obstruction of your dogs breathing passages caused by leash-pulling.
✔ There are 5 strap adjusters on the harness. You will be able to adjust the harness for better fitment.

Available Size:
- Small-0.39(Leash Width) 11.8 to 18.9(Neck Girth) 14.5 to 23.2(Chest Girth)
- Medium-0.62(Leash Width) 14.9 to 24.4(Neck Girth) 18.1 to 25.9(Chest Girth)
- Large-0.98(Leash Width) 15.7 to 25.1(Neck Girth) 22.8 to 33.4(Chest Girth).

Please Note: Harness Only, Leash Not Include.

Please email us with any concerns before ordering or after.

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H-STYLE - H-shaped design, it will not exert too much pressure on the dog's neck to affect its breathing. Also gives you firm control over your dog.
- QUICK ON/OFF - Side release buckle with center lock, which is more secure and impossible to open when locked. Dual-lock design, which makes it easy to put on or take off the harness from your dog. ★ SIZE SMALL DOES NOT HAVE LOCKING FUNCTION BUCKLE.
- MATERIAL - The harness is made of Nylon, which has a smooth surface. Your dog will not feel discomfort wearing it. Matte black steel finish created an unique luxury quality. Thick and durable Nylon webbing belt, which is safer and more secure. The Nylon belt is water repellent and dirt resistant.
- IMPORTED - 100% Manufactured in Taiwan, quality assured.
- SINGLE PRODUCT - This harness is a single product. Leash sold separately. Please find other BORNIER leashes in our storefront.

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