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AquaDog is the highly anticipated new band/project from Adam Manoucheri, veteran guitarist/vocalist from such bands as The Nine OClock Blues Band, Loco, Manoucheri, and until recently the Manoucheri Trio. A long time in the making, AquaDog is Adam taking complete control, from writing to performance to production...not to mention making every sound on the record himself. The result, what you hear, is an insight into his twisted head; heavy guitar riffs, offset with strong vocal melodies...a nod to classic rock while still being something new and fresh. Indeed there is classic rock guitar in abundance, but there are also lighter songs that give a similar nod to singer/songwriter influences, while still maintaining the overall organic rock feel of the project. Everyone has a different take on the influences they can hear when listening to this album; but likewise everyone also agrees in the end it sounds uniquely like its creator. The music speaks for itself, but for a truly deluxe experience, grab a copy of the CD with its deluxe packaging--sure to be a unique piece in your CD collection!

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