Product : Aqua Culture 10 Gallon Reptile Kit

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Keep your pet reptile comfortable with this Aqua Culture 10 Gallon Reptile Kit. You wont want to tear yourself away when watching your pet in his or her natural-looking habitat. The see-through glass makes it easy to watch what they are doing so you can catch them at their cutest. With the locking screen lid, you wont have to worry about them escaping or anything getting to them. Your reptile will enjoy soaking up the rays in this 10 gallon aquarium kit that comes with its own basking platform. It also features a convenient hiding spot and gradual stair steps for easy climbing. The dome lamp has a 60W heating bulb that will help keep your little creature toasty warm. Your pet can enjoy swimming around in or drinking crystal-clear Tetra Whisper filtered water as well. Some tasty ReptoMin food is also included with this kit.With this aquatic reptile starter kit, you get everything you need to set up and maintain your cute little reptile.
Includes: 10 gal glass aquarium Screen top with locking clips Tetra Whisper 2-10i filter TetraFauna Turtle TerrAce Basking Platform 5.5" dome lamp 60W heating bulb Tetra ReptoMin food sample TetraCare support information
- Aquatic reptile starter kit is easy to set up and maintain.

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